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Redline Festival

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L:Chloe Cowman R:Sinéad Cuddihy
DateThursday October 13th
Time7:00 pm
VenueBallyroan Library
AdmissionFree - Booking essential

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Join social media influencers @nursefancypants and @tiredmammybookclub as they discuss the influence of social media, online book clubs, and the effect of the book reading/reviewing Instagram community on reading habits.

Chloe and Sinéad will look at the uptake in reading since the pandemic started and how the library services can be of use to the reader and book clubs.

Chloe Cowman @nursefancypants

Chloe is an avid reader and book reviewer; posting content mainly on her Instagram page under the handle “Nurse Fancy Pants”, but with a background in blogging since 2012. She reads most genres and consumes books in all their forms; print copies, ebooks, and audio; all are welcomed!
A champion of book clubs, using your local library services, and making reading accessible to all, she regularly introduces online readers to the joys of a library card, and Borrowbox.
Chloe is also a nurse and a midwife and lives in Dublin with her husband and their daughter.

Sinéad Cuddihy @tiredmammybookclub

Sinéad is the founder of Tired Mammy Book Club - an online book club, based on Instagram. When she returned to work after her first child was born, Sinéad set up Tired Mammy Book Club to get back reading and to build a community of mothers and others who had fallen out of the habit of reading. Over the last four years she has built a community of over 8,000 followers, and came up with the hashtag #TiredMammy30minutes to encourage members to make time to read every day.

Initially the aim was to hold the book club meetings in person and a few meetings were held - appropriately enough - in The Library Bar in Dublin, but when the pandemic hit the meetings moved to Zoom and this has allowed members to join in from New York, Ottawa, and Switzerland.

Sinéad has interviewed a number of Irish authors on Instagram Live, such as Andrea Mara, Jamie O’Connell, Catherine Ryan Howard, and Sophie White, and has had authors Fíona Scarlett and Dolen Perkins-Valdez join the book club discussions. Sinéad has also appeared on Good Luck with the Book and the International Literature Festival Dublin podcast.