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Red Line Book Festival

The Art of Collaboration Presents: Music, Movement & Words to Inspire Well-Being

Top L - R: Paul Roe, Jim Lucey, Mick O'Brien. Bottom L - R: Ultan O'Brien, Ruth Prithika Bharatanatyam
DateSunday October 22nd
VenueThe Civic Main Space
Admission€12 / €10
Time 7pm

Inspiration. The connection of music to wellness and mental health.

We will explore together music, movement, dance and words connecting in Irish & Indian culture, including some beautiful music and dance from India and Ireland. Members of the audience will be welcomed to be mindfully present and will be included in the performance. 

The evening will be based on the idea of nine emotions from Indian Sanskrit called Nava Rasa. These are love (shringaara), laughter (haasya), kind-heartedness or compassion (karuna), anger (roudra), courage (veera), fear (bhayaanaka), disgust (bheebhatsya), wonder or surprise (adbhutha) and peace or tranquility (shaantha).

And also the three Strains in Irish music.

1. Goltraí “dirges or laments”, from gol- (“weeping, crying”) + -traí

The sorrow strain caused people to weep

2. Geantraí “joy music”, from gean- (“smile, affection”) + -traí

The joy strain incited merriment

3. Suantraí “lullaby”, from suan- (“sleep, slumber”) + -traí

The sleep strain lulled people to slumber

The members of The Art of Collaboration who will perform are:

Paul Roe -  Clarinets/Artistic Director

Jim Lucey -  Author & Psychiatrist

Mick O’Brien  - Pipe and Whistles

Ultan O’Brien  - Violin and Viola

Ruth Prithika Bharatanatyam - Indian Dance

Assistant Artistic Director: Pamela Iyer

Administrative Manager: Anna Murray

The Art of Collaboration is an interdisciplinary collective formed in 2018 by Artistic Director Paul Roe. It is a community of practice in which professionals from backgrounds as diverse as musical performance, psychiatry, leadership development, design and education share experience, insight and knowledge, and collaborate on creative projects.