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Red Line Book Festival

Twiggy Woman and Other Stories of the Supernatural

with Oein DeBhairduain and Nuala Hayes

L - R: Oein DeBhairduin, Nuala Hayes
DateThursday October 19th
VenueClondalkin Round Tower Visitor Centre
AdmissionFree - Booking essential
Time 7pm

Halloween is coming so pull up a chair for some terrifying ghost stories. Writer and storyteller Oein DeBhairduin will tell tales from his new book Twiggy Woman while storyteller Nuala Hayes shares stories of the Ghosts of South Dublin County!

Oein DeBhairduin is a writer, activist and educator with a passion for preserving the beauty of Traveller tales, sayings, retellings and historic exchanges. He is the author of the award-winning Why the moon travels (Skein Press, 2020), Weave (Skein Press, 2022) and The Slug and The Snail (Little Island & Skein Press, 2023). He is the Traveller Culture Collections Development Officer with the National Museum of Ireland and seeks to pair community activism with cultural celebration, recalling old tales with fresh modern connections and, most of all, he wishes to rekindle the hearth fires of a shared kinship.

Nuala Hayes is an actor, storyteller, broadcaster and  author. She trained as an actor at the Abbey Theatre and has performed and toured extensively both in Ireland and abroad, in plays by many of the major Irish playwrights. Her interest in storytelling began over 30 years ago in 1991, when she founded Two Chairs Company with musician Ellen Cranitch to explore words and music in performance retelling Irish Legends, Myths and Folklore. Nuala was the founder of Scéalta Shamhna , the first International Storytelling Festival in Dublin, which she ran for 10 years. Many of the events and storytelling sessions during Scéalta Shamhna were supported and facilitated by the National Museum of Ireland at Collins Barracks.

Nuala is the author of Laois Folk Tales, published by The History Press Ireland in 2015. She was the recipient of a number of Arts Council/Deis awards. She has researched the stories and legends of the Cailleach in Irish and Scots Mythology, for a performance with the acclaimed Harpist Ann- Marie O’Farrell, entitled, The Wilder Wisdom of Auld Ones.  Her  CD of Irish legends and folktales The Brewery of Eggshells and Other Stories, was compiled with fellow storyteller Kate Corkery. Nuala is currently involved in researching and re-telling the stories of Peig Sayers, translated by Éilis Ní Dhuibhne , with animation by artist Rita Duffy.  


Nuala is the Former Chairperson of Storytellers of Ireland/ Aos Scéal Éireann.